Study Abroad

I’ve been blessed to have two completely different, rich, memorable study abroad trips. Keep reading to see where I visited and what I studied while there.

Summer 2019

EuroTour – English

I spent the summer participating in EuroTour. One of the best aspects about this English class was reading literature that was either based in the cities we were in or where the author was from. How many people can say they read Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare in Venice? Or reading Metamorphosis by Kafka in Prague and then visiting his museum and seeing his office next to your very own hotel? Or reading Keats’ poems and then visiting his home in London? It is an experience second to none. EuroTour was definitely a memorable trip. In each city, I made many memories with new friends that I will cherish for a lifetime – singing gondoliers on the Grand Canal, following in the footsteps of Maria in the Mirabell Gardens, seeing art and culture in Vienna, walking down the Charles Bridge in Prague, marveling at fragments of the Berlin Wall, biking and getting lost in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, and enjoying tea time in London with cranberry scones, clotted cream, and jam.

The interactive map below displays my study abroad journey and highlights the many activities we did in each city.

Summer 2018

Entrepreneurship: Creativity and Innovation

I spent my summer 2018 in Venice, Italy, living in Casa Artom which sits right on the Grand Canal. Six peers, a professor and his wife… and we had this entire “mansion” to ourselves learning all about innovation with Leonardo DaVinci as our inspiration. During the week we attended lectures, visited museums, and took part in hands on projects such as building a structure out of pasta and tape that could support one large marshmallow. Creativity and innovation at its finest! On the weekends, we hopped on a train and traveled to nearby cities such as Verona, Florence, Lake Garda, and Tuscany. It was a magical summer in Venice.